Sustainable Corporate and Social Responsibility

In Deerpark Engineering, we recognise Sustainable Development as an integral part of our core organisational strategy. For us, this concept translates into a genuine commitment to meet the needs of society while operating within the limits of environment. Sustainable Development in Deerpark Engineering targets long term growth and profit from a position of social co-operation and value creation. We embrace the broad expectations of society as a whole.

We are committed to operating in an ethical and socially responsible manner which contributes to Sustainable Development. This standard applies to all divisions within our Company.

Deerpark Engineering is committed to supporting the vision for Corporate Social responsibility by:

  • Dealing openly and honestly with clients and suppliers
  • Commitment to the well-being and training of employees and working in a safe environment
  • Supporting the local community
  • Reducing our effect on the environment.

We will ensure that we deal responsibly, openly and fairly with our clients and potential clients by:

  • Being open and honest about our services
  • Acknowledging problems and dealing with them
  • Benchmarking and evaluating what we do in order to constantly improve our performance

We will deal responsibly, openly and fairly with suppliers and ensure that we use local suppliers wherever practicable.

We are committed to the wellbeing and training of our staff and to providing them with a safe working environment.

We support the local community by:

  • Sponsoring local community groups such as Youth Clubs and the local Athletic Running Club of which a few of the workforce are members
  • We help local community by volunteering our time to local projects

We are committed to reducing our effect on the environment by:

  • Monitoring and aiming to reduce energy, water and paper and cardboard usage
  • Maximising reuse and recycling of materials
  • Managing and disposal of all waste in a responsible manner
  • Any old electrical equipment removed from site is disposed of to a registered WEEE Merchant
  • All timber is recycled for chipping which goes to the bedding of Farm Animals